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The Custom-Item and Garment Process
by Ensembles of the Past

What To Expect:

Step #1:    Your job – Deciding what YOUR dream is!
       The following information is the information that you, as the potential client, need to be thinking about before asking for a custom-made garment or item estimate. Once you have brainstormed these points, your conversation about what you want will begin with Sara.
  1.  What do you want? What will this item be used for? Who is it for? When do you need it?
  2.  What time-period or modern silhouette is this?
  3.  What type of fabric are you envisioning? (If you don't know names of fabric, just describe what you have  in  mind, or send pictures!)
  4.   What are the key elements of what you have in mind?
  5.   Would you like only hand-sewn details and finishes, entirely hand-sewn, or an all machine sewn product?  Your price estimate will reflect your choice.
  6.  Will your garment need any support garments (i.e.: corset, petticoat, etc)? And if so, do you already  have those, or are you in the market for additional custom-made pieces?
  7.  Do you have pictures of your ideas regarding shape, color, over-all design, or the feeling of the item you want? If you do, please send them to Sara! The more information you give at this point, the more accurate your price estimate will be.

        Note: If you’re not sure what you want on some or most of this, or simply would like an entirely custom-designed garment designed by a professional dressmaker used to creating garments around your tastes and figure type, please let Sara know the points you are certain about (if any), and let Sara know you are interested in a personal consultation. Consultations are charged at $45 for up to an hour and a half segment of time, or $55 for up to a two hour segment of time in the studio, with additional charges if you wish Sara to travel to you.
       Sara may contact you with additional questions or suggestions before giving a price estimate, and several short conversations may happen before the process progresses. If a personal consultation meeting is required or desired at this point, you may Contact Sara to set up an appointment.
Step #2:     The Price Estimate Process
             This part is Free of charge for you!
             Once you have decided on the key elements of the garment or product you want made, contact Sara with that information. She’ll need to eventually know all the information above (#1-#7), so the more specific you are at this initial stage, the better. The price estimate process usually takes 1-4 business days, depending on that week’s work-load. Once the rough estimate is emailed to you, please do not proceed unless you are 100% okay with paying the highest estimated amount given for your request. The next stage requires a non-refundable down payment.
Step #3:      Design & Fabric Selection Process

              This is where the fun begins!
              At this point, Sara will ask for a down-payment to secure your order for your date and to begin the design and fabric selection process. This process often includes a design (or several) in sketch form, and the ordering of fabric samples. This process may also include meetings in person with Sara, or detailed emails and phone conversations about your design, and gaining initial measurements.
            $250 is a required down-payment for custom-designed garments and items requiring a sketch, with $150 of that refundable toward the finished product once you decide to have the item made.
            $150 is a required down-payment for any other garment or product that does not require a sketch, with $100 of that refundable toward the finished product once you decide to have the item made.

If no samples or sketch is needed for your project (ie: if you provide ALL the materials or know exactly which ones you want and have a sketch or a photo of exactly what you want in mind, or are simply ordering a generic garment without many specifics), this step can be eliminated.
Please note, however: design, fabrics and the garment itself all need to complement each other, ON the person wearing the garment. This design step is highly important, because it’s the insurance that everything about what you’re having made will work together. During this step, you’ll receive the expert advice from someone who creates these things every day, and makes them for individuals just like you!
Note: Once the down-payment (listed above) has been given and secured for Sara’s time, design work and input, it is non-refundable should you decide not to have the garment made.

Step #4:     The Price Quote

      Once the final design and fabrics have been decided upon for your order, you’ll receive a solid price quote for your item, and a Custom-Garment contract will need to be signed. The solid price quote is generally sent out via email. Unless materials or design are changed by the customer after the quote is given, your guarantee is that the final cost of the garment or service will not exceed the quote given!
Step #5:     Second Down Payment

      Half of the quoted price (minus the refundable down-payment given during the design process stage) will be required after the price quote is given and accepted by you. The remaining portion of the payment will be due before pick up or shipment of the item.
Step #6:     Construction

      This is the final and usually longest step of the entire process, and also where your dream will begin to blossom and come to life! In most cases, Sara will specifically draft or drape your pattern for you to bring your design into tangible reality! For garments, this construction process generally includes additional measurements, 2-8 fittings in person (dependent on design), and sometimes additional correspondence about your item. Time for construction will vary in time, depending on the complexity of your request, but will be completed by the date agreed upon when the Custom-Garment contract was signed.
Step #7:    Final Payment & Completion of your item!
Complete payment is due in full before pick up or shipment of the item.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!