Reproductions, Wedding Apparel, & Timeless Heirlooms and Keepsakes for Generations to Come

Custom Sewing & Design Work

By Sara Gonzalez

      This is where Your dream becomes reality! Whether you’re a bride looking for the perfect dress for your special day, or a living historian wanting a reproduction of an extant gown or an heirloom quality flag from an original (to everything in between!), this is the place for you! I’m pleased to say that your dream is mine, and I would be honored to bring it to life!
     For any piece, I work from pictures, fashion plates, sketches, detailed museum textile notes and up close visits, descriptions, or multiple conversations in person with you over cups of steaming tea or coffee!
     All my initial garment estimates are FREE of charge. For an estimate, or to find out more about the custom-garment process, please see The Process page, or Contact me .
Flag Reproductions -   
Reproductions from photos,
or extant originals.

Wedding Apparel - 
Elegant, Modest, Vintage & Historically inspired wedding gowns,
Alterations, and Reconstructions!

Historical Clothing - 
Historical clothing of all eras for men and women that meets your authenticity standards!
Alterations & More - 
Garment & Dress Alterations,
and everything else!
Note: While I strive my upmost to help everyone who comes to me, I also strive to glorify my Heavenly Father with everything I make and do. Therefore, I will not make anything that would be provocative in cut or immoral for the purpose of the garment. I also will not consider making any garment mixed with linen and wool fibers, and reserve the right to direct you to other seamstresses if I cannot help you for any reason. For a full (but brief) explanation of these points, please see my Modesty Standards .